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Johanna Sucasas Wictorén


Johanna is an experienced tech and health entrepreneur having founded the gym app Swiftr. She also have a vast experience within retail in her previous roles as Business controller and Merchandise manager at H&M. She is a value driven enthusiast with a hunger for success. Johanna has a Bachelor in Business Administration.


Fredrik Paulún

Business development

Master of science in nutrition at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Fredrik is one of the most famous health profiles in Scandinavia. He is a nutritionist, author and influencer with over 1,5 million books sold globally. He is an experienced entrepreneur and the founder of the health food brand Paulúns. Paulúns is sold in many countries with a turnover of +30 M Euro.

Martin Brunnberg

Health specialist

Martin has an academic degree in nutrition (Master of Science) at Stockholm University. He is one of Sweden’s most experienced educators in the field of Nutrition in Sweden as well as in Norway. To date he holds the position as Head of Education at Svenska Näringsakademin and educated more than 3000 students in nutrition. He has also written eight books within the field, which has sold in 200 000 copies in several European countries.


Mathias Kämpe

NutriBe responsible

Mathias has a long and solid experience from the Pharmaceutical and Medtech industries, both as an employee and consultant. He has also been CEO for DoktorOnline and he is the founder of Amodo Medical and Trajectory Health. Mathias has a M.Sc. in Business Administration and a U.C. in Chemical Engineering.

Peter Werme

Chairman of the Board

Peter is co-founder of First Venture and Första Entreprenörsfonden. He has been an active investor and chairman of a large number of start-up companies in the technology, health and sustainability sectors over the past 15 years. He is chairman of the listed company Humble Group.

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